Ferro CCTV 3.6 for Windows 10


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Ferro CCTV is a universal application to handle analog and digital cameras through which you will build your own low cost video surveillance system. Secured the apartment, land or a car left in the parking lot. You can remotely control his own company, warehouse, shop or office. The Ferro CCTV is a professional security of your property. Ferro CCTV allows you to view images from nine cameras and listen to the sound of nine microphones. Images and sounds can be simultaneously stored on computer hard drives. Used format - Windows Media Video - uses an efficient algorithm, MPEG-4, which eliminates the need for external codecs (DivX, XviD, H.264). Ferro CCTV is equipped with a motion detector and sound detector, which include recording only when the subject in the frame and the camera moves around the microphone can hear the conversation. As a result, the stored audio-visual material includes only those passages in which "something happens". In this way you will save disk space and quickly browsed the recording files. Detection also works with cameras that do not have built-in detectors. As the signal source can be used popular webcams connected to a computer via USB, IP cameras plugged into a LAN (network cameras), Wireless IP Camera WiFi networks using multi-channel DVR card or TV card. Limitations in unregistered version unregistered version (Free), you can connect up to one camera (use one channel). The unregistered version can be used only for non-commercial and non-commercial use (for demonstration, testing, teaching, research, and households).